PAPE GATEWAY  -   BeeBreeders: Pape Nature Park Gateway


The design of the new entrance point of Pape Nature Park is the transformation of a forest into a building which creates a connection to the surrounding nature. The buildings design follows clear and natural forms. Thin pillars describe tree trunks and the long stretched green roof forms a shelter like the crown of a tree. Underneath it different functional areas are arranged to a „house in house principle“.


An open community area forms the second part with a large dining table at its center, a kitchen and a fire place on side. During summertime the whole space can be used outdoor by opening the two big glass fronts. The facade can also be closed partly or completely depending on weather or other circumstances. The third part of the building provide overnight lodgings and facilities such as showers and toilets that will be shared by guests and staff.

Technical facilities are also placed at this part of the building. The outdoors offers space for a camping site, a playground, which can be seen from the community area, and seatings around a campfire site. The outstanding pillars form a recognisable landmark that, in addition to the green roof, also provides a habitat for birds and insects.


The pillars are built of local wood. The walls are made of rammed concrete, whose aggregates is the „waste product“ of the septic pit. Therefore the logistic expenditure is very low.

Rain water which will be collected at the green roof, is saved in a container above the sanitary area. The filtered water covers the requirement for all showers and toilets. Gravity replaces the use of a pump.

You can take a look at the result here:  Link to the competition 


(7vD - JUNI 2018)