GREEN CANYON   -   AWR Competitions: Greening the concrete jungle

the “green canyon” is not just a building it’s a concept for the whole city. everywhere an old building  is going to replaced  it should become a place for a “green canyon”. consequently the city would be more open, brighter, greener and ultimately cooler. the „green canyon“ works like a cooling area for the city because of reducing high potentially surfaces and avoid close side by side buildings. in the midpoint of chicago’s concrete desert “green canyon“ offers a new source of nature and recreation.

since chicago is challenged by urban heating, storm water and the monotony of its concrete jungle, “green canyon“ marks the beginning of a new chapter of urban development in chicago.  the L-shaped canyon building reaches 25 meters into the earth with its top flor ending on one level with the surrounding streets. the building is orientated towards the public canyon park which reaches form street level at the n fairbanks ct till 25 m under street level at n mcclurg ct. the entrances of public spaces of the canyon building are located towards the park to create a connection between the inside and outside room. 


the canyon park offers areas for sport activities, recreation, urban farming, events and outdoor cinema and will be an urban retreat for the people of chicago. to create optimal illumination of the park and the building, the park is sloped from the west downwards to the east.  to reduce the effect of urban heating half of the east and the north side of canyon building is digged into the earth. while the south and west facade offer a great view into the park. the facade is structured by terraces which follow the profile of the surrounding park. they are used for urban farming and as recreation areas for the inhabitants of “green canyon“. the canyon building is topped with a green rooftop that is used as a public park as well.

 the rooftop forms stripe of nature directly next to the busy streets of the city center and so connects green canyon with its surrounding. together with canyon park and the terraces, the green rooftop offers plenty of space for infiltration which helps to decrease the effects of storm waters and the urban heating effect. by offering a green recreation area with activities for all people, “green canyon“ is the new feel good place in the middle of chicago.


(7vD - MÄRZ 2018)



You can take a look at the result here:  Link to the competition