FILLING-TOPPING-RE-USE  - YoungArchitectsCompetitions: Ghost Town

The design is dedicated to three main themes:



The area around the Torre Normanna will be the new cultural heart of the city. The library and the exhibition room 

will be grouped around the tower. 

The room with the „Window Fantastico“, which will be a permanent exhibit of each exhibition, will be the center of the new exhibition rooms.



We connect the areas with new pathways and thus create new visual relations with the surroundings and the place himself. Trekkers get a place outside, but on a platform „floating“ high above the ruins. Some ruins get a filling from a glass body, this allows a use of the ruins without losing their unique charisma. With the distribution of the individual uses we activate the whole place and get the tourists to explore the city.


The Infopoint is located near the old main square and is the starting point for guided tours and the first port of call for visitors and tourists. It is a new building, but consists of the debis of the ruins. The debris are collected in gabions (kind of steel cages), which create a brand-new construction, a new building full of light that lives on the charm of the past without losing its memory.

The „genius loci“ is still there, it only changes its shape. It is a modern and sustainable way to Re-use the old briks. The cantilevered roof offers a first meeting point to get a first impression of the place.


The wellness area is located in front of the chiesa madre di San Nicola Vescovo. 

The well-preserved existing buildings such as Palazzo Grossi are being renovated and

offer sufficient space for the wellness offers. 

This area will be completed with a pool, which will offer great, unobstructed views of the Craco landscape.

The restaurant is located in the north-western part of the city and is the destination of the new road connection of the city.

The suites are placed as glass bodies in the hollow ruins. The ruins are filled with new life in a gentle way.

The glass bodies are translucent and consist of glass bricks. They are island like, separated from the ruins by a pool. 

The resulting fugue is a space between two times, between two moods, between two experiences.

At night the glass bodies shine out of the ruins and offer passers-by an exciting view, a perfect harmony of old and new.

On the new pathways open up new platforms and right above them, are placed the shelters,

which provide new insights and views of Craco and its landscape.

The construction of the shelters consists of two frames with a traditional house shape connected with a tent fabric,

which can be clamped such as an accordion. 

They could be left opened and leave the platform and the view completely free or easily closed,

offering the dynamic tourists a private protection from the weather.




You can take a look at the result here:  Link to the competition 


(7vD - FEBR 2020)