Discover a new world of acting, art, music and dancing. 360° offers architecture in three acts and infinite opportunities for cultural activities.  


An old, natural path is winded along the rocky topography of the Baleal Peninsula. By following the historical track, the visitor gets connected to the scenery and the spirit of the site. On top of the promontory the view opens up to the ruins of the Baleal Fortress with its ancient gate guiding the visitor towards the next act.



Passing the gate, a phenomenal panorama of the Atlantic Ocean and the Baleal Peninsula is offered to the visitor. Located on the left side behind the historical walls, the ticket office is welcoming the guests. Like the historical walls the new entrance regulates  the accession to the center of the peninsula, where the 360° theatre is located. 

The topography in this part of the promontory is rugged and the new path seems to be floating above the rocks towards the theatre that defines against the horizon. The gap in the centre of the two framing corten steel walls marks the entrance of the theatre and every step towards this building increases the visitors curiosity to reveal its inside. 



After entering the theatre the two parts of the building are leading the visitors view to the Atlantic Ocean. Surrounding corridors frame the building in the same way the ocean’s waves flow around the cliffs of Baleal Peninsula. Forming a semicircle the tribune embraces the stage. The audience is sitting on wooden benches, made of the same material as the runway leading to the theatre. 

Looking from the sea, the steps of the tribune melt with the nature and appear as a part of the landscape. The facade of the building is made out of stamped concrete whose structure adapts the character of the rocks. In this way the building gets connected to the landscape. 


Nature, culture and architecture get united in the breathtaking scenery of the portuguese coast and become a new piece of art.

                                                                                                                                                                                  (7vD - JAN. 2018)